How long COVID-19 live on surfaces?


The new coronavirus, COVID-19 has been detect in 204 countries and more than 1000k+ people are suffering from this virus all over the world. The World Health Organization (WHO), says the current situation had officially turned into a universal pandemic. 

While the spread of this virus seems global, everyone needs to follow protective measures like Cleaning, disinfection & sanitizing against the corona virus. With this pandemic, several coronavirus cleanup services and Home Disinfection Service has begun.

What virus cause this pandemic COVID-19?

pastedGraphic_1.pngAccording to the South Morning China Post, in Nov.17.2019, 55 years old person from Hubei province in China have found with an unknown disease. With the increase of infected people, doctors and scientists have found that a novel coronavirus was causing this disease (COVID-19). 

This coronaviruses comes with a large family of viruses that cause illness to animals or humans. As of now, researchers know that the new coronavirus is spread, from person to person through droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes dropped in to several surfaces such as from air, cardboard, plastic and steel, copper, wood, aluminum and glasses, etc. 


How long new coronavirus live on surfaces? 

The researchers afterward in new coronavirus studies tested that, this virus can survive intact on surfaces for anywhere up to 72 hours depending on the surface.

 Down below we have listed the live time of coronavirus depends on the surface.

  • Metal:                                                                 

-The virus stays up to 5days in things or place like doorknobs, iron gates, jewelry, silverware or anything made using metals.

  • Wood:

-It can survive up to 4-7 days on wood surfaces like furnitures. 

  • Plastics:

-On the plastic surface, virus can stay up to 2-3 days. So the plastic containers such as packaging like milk containers and detergent bottles, plastic bags and elevator buttons, subway and bus seats may contain the virus. 

  • Stainless steel:

-Things like refrigerators, pots and pans, sinks, some water bottles have made of stainless steel. This virus lasted longest, seven days, on stainless steel.

  • Cardboard:

-Stays up to 24 hours

  • Copper & Aluminum:

-The virus remained viable on copper for about four hours & on aluminum for 2 to 8 hours.

  • Glass  

-The virus stays up to 5 days, in all kind of glass like drinking glasses, measuring cups, mirrors, windows

  • Food & water

Coronavirus hasn’t been found in food or drinking water. But it’s still better to wash fruits & vegetables and also drink filtered water.

What We Can Do?

To reduce the chance of getting affected or spreading the coronavirus, you can clean and disinfect all surfaces and objects in your home and office. Professional disinfecting services & Home Disinfection Service has stated to prevent this pandemic. So it’s our duty to follow targeted disinfection guidelines.


Importance of Commercial Cleaning & Disinfecting Service During coronavirus

With the current COVID-19 pandemic situation everyone trying to protect themselves, their homes and businesses from potential contamination try to protect themselves from the virus. This coronavirus is quickly spread in surfaces and it can survive on surfaces for up to 17 days.

Coronavirus Disinfection NYC

Life time of the coronavirus depends on the surface and the one who gets infected by the virus don’t show symptoms until approximately two weeks after infection, making it difficult to track and contain.

This is the reason why you need to have a trusted professional disease and biohazard remedy cleaning & disinfecting company on your side. In this article let’s talk furthermore about the importance of professional cleaning and disinfecting services.

What is the difference between Commercial Cleaning & Disinfecting Services?

When it comes to commercial cleaning, it is an all-encompassing term, which can be use to describe varying types of cleaning and sanitation activities. Cleaning is the process of removing visible debris, dirt, and dust and organizing a space using soap or detergent and water to remove soil and germs through chemical cleaner, scrubbing, and thermal actions.

In the sanitation activities they sanitize the surfaces to reduce the number of germs. So commercial cleaning includes this cleaning and sanitizing activates. In the process of commercial disinfecting they are disinfecting the surface to kills microscopic organisms like germs, viruses, fungi and prevent them from spreading.

Disinfection is much stronger than cleaning and sanitizing because it eliminating upward of 99.99% of germs after treatment.

Why Commercial Cleaning & Disinfecting Services are Important During Coronavirus?

World health organization (WHO) has informed everyone that, people need to clean not only their hands with soap or sanitizer, but also the surfaces. Coronavirus may spread in various ways, such as by coughing, sneezing, direct skin-to-skin contact, and by touching an object or surface with germs on it. To prevent this pandemic all of us need to clean the surfaces very well to kill the coronavirus 100% from the surface. For that we need to have professional Commercial Cleaning & Disinfecting Services.

Special COVID-19 disinfection companies have started doing their work during this time pandemic. The virus that causes COVID-19 could last hours or up to several days on some common surfaces. So no matter how much social distance you are maintaining during the novel coronavirus outbreak, still one of your family members can bring germs in to your house.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends daily cleaning and disinfection of “frequently touched surfaces is a must to prevent this pandemic. That’s why you exactly need a professional disinfecting service to kick up your overall germ-killing game.