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Why New York & Miami Local Businesses Prefer Rainbow Cleaning Services for Disinfection Service

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What Makes Rainbow Cleaning Services Different in Disinfection Service

What Makes Rainbow Cleaning Services Different in Disinfection Service – COVID-19 has shaken the world. Impacting businesses, social interactions, and changing the way we live in society. 

As the transmission of the virus occurs from respiratory and physical contact, having a cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation service is crucial in preventing further transmission and cross-contamination of the virus. 

It only takes one infected person to have your store closed down, resulting in the loss of all your customers. And this is what Rainbow Cleaning Services wants to prevent from happening to your business.

Your employee’s and customer’s safety is our priority. That’s why Rainbow Cleaning uses the latest disinfectant equipment that kills 99.99% of germs and viruses, keeping your business safe from harmful diseases.

Using a hospital-grade EPA cleaning solution that contains 75% fewer chemicals than standard cleaning systems that most businesses use, reducing the chances of your individuals in your building getting future respiratory illnesses, allergic reactions, and headaches from occurring.

Certified, Licensed and Insured by the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) and trusted by thousands of local businesses, keep your employees and customers safe from COVID-19 and harmful viruses today.

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Professional Disinfection System

Gold Standard Disinfection System

At Rainbow Cleaning disinfection service, we use an Electrostatic Disinfectant Application System EMist E360 that is worn as a portable backpack to efficiently disinfect your whole building within an hour. Their patented application system uses an electrostatic charge to liquid disinfectants as they leave the spray nozzle, which allows them to cling to any surface and destroy 99.99% of germs and viruses.

As most surface areas are neutral or negative, the positive change creates a greater adhesion and attraction towards the dirt and organic material (electromagnetic theory), resulting in a thorough sanitization of your spaces. With a spray nozzle, the disinfectant is more targeted, providing consistent coverage with less waste.

This is all completed with one gallon of solution, covering over 54,000 square feet of a large building, saving your company on costs for cleaning solution and labor.

This is with one backpack, imagine if you had more individuals cleaning your building at the same time. As the average room can be disinfected in less than three minutes with our unique solution, have your building, equipment, and instruments cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized quickly today.

To guarantee and verify your building and rooms are free of the COVID-19 and other deadly viruses, our sanitation detection system immediately tests surfaces and gets the results within 10 seconds.

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all sites that assures the safety of each Rainbow Cleaning team member, have your building free from any harmful bacteria and viruses today.

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How Electrostatic System Works?

Mostly all surfaces are either neutral or negative. The EMist system provides a powerfully positive charge on the chemical disinfectant as it leaves the spray nozzle creating greater adhesion and attraction (electromagnetic theory). The disinfectant is more targeted, provides much more consistent coverage with less waste.

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“The Maids has provided my office with excellent cleaning services for the past year without missing a day of service. Now I can focus on my job, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.”

Melisa Dowen


“Maria was nice, understood English and thorough. I have a 1 bedroom and we focused on the kitchen and the living room. I got it on a discount daily deal. I would definitely recommend using them.”

Seletta Harrison


“I was so impressed with work of your fantastic team! I love coming home from work to a spotless house that smells fresh and clean. I recommend The Maids if you want the best around!”

Andrea Wilson