How to protect your customers from COVID-19 and other bacteria?

How to protect your customers from COVID-19 and other bacteria?

For the past few months, the only hot topic of discussion has been COVID-19. By now you, all must have understood that this is a contagious condition, which is likely to spread when any person is exposed to an already affected individual. Though there are many scary stories floating all over the internet, it is essential to understand that if all the right precautions are taken and professional disinfecting services availed, then we can break the chain and bid a permanent good-bye to the Corona Virus. 

Social Distancing is the first step towards elimination of this condition. This is why, most of the crowded places such as malls, public transport facilities and markets have shut down in line with the government directives. However, rules have been a little easy on restaurants and eating outlets. Nonetheless, they have to maintain highest levels of sanitation and disinfection.

What action should restaurants take amidst COVID-19?

  • Educate the Staff: Taking support from office, restaurant or home disinfection service provider alone is not enough.  What is equally important is to educate all the employees, regarding this condition and its spread. Even though it is a good idea to explore a coronavirus cleanup service, basic hygiene needs to be maintained by the restaurant workers as well.
  • Restrict number of Diners: For the sake of good business, restaurants do not think twice before stuffing people inside the restaurant. Since COVID-19 demands social distancing, it is important to allow diners to enter in batches. Along with, cleaning and disinfection, overcrowding should also be eliminated.
  • Stock up on Sanitary Products: Restaurants might simply type out professional disinfecting services near me and wait for them to take charge. However, this being allowed, restaurants should also ensure that enough sanitary items such as hand washes and hand sanitizers have been stocked up. At Entry and Exit Points, customers should be guided on using these products.
  • Focus on Take Aways: One of the best ways of doing business, while controlling corona spread is to discontinue in-house dining and only focus on deliveries. Since the dining area would remain closed, the restaurant can strike a contract with an office, restaurant or house sanitation services provider, who can come in at regular intervals and get the restaurant sanitized.
  • Keep a Check on Staff Health: All restaurants can make someone in-charge of keeping a check on every employee’s health condition to control the spread. Any employee, who shows any COVID-19 related symptoms, may be directed to get himself checked and not report to duty until his health stabilizes. If this is overlooked, you would be putting both your customers as well as other staff members to high risk.
  • Avoid Third Party Services: Most restaurants depend on third party service providers’ for certain day-to-day functions. During these times of turmoil, it is best to discontinue any such services and instead fully utilize all the in-house staff.

As a restaurant that strives continuously for the wellness of its loyal diners should make sure that, all the above parameters are followed without any compromise. Surf the internet for sanitizing companies near me and bring them on board immediately. Stay Safe and Fight it out.

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